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Deutschsprachige Webseite zum Thema Enterprise Search
Enterprise Search

With this website i provide information regarding "enterprise search" in german. Since there is no website in german available, i close the gap with this site.

This is a multivendor capability website and i provide some neutral search engine test reports in german.

There are also some field reports and best practice reports.

German Website for Copyright protection in the Internet
Protect your Assets in the Internet

There is many content, which is "reused" by people in the internet. Often without consent of the Creator of this content.

This copied content can be Text, Pictures, Video or Audio Files or even Applications. I have developed a Tool named "CopyHunter" which scans the Internet for copycats.

The Tool will find even "near duplicates" which are not 100% identical, so it can also find similar copies.

For providing the power to scan a huge area of the internet, the Tool based on a Bot-Net, which integrates DSL, T1-Cable connections or even Datacenter. The Application can be scaled very simple and is fault tolerant and self learning.

ELB Solutions GmbH - Screenshot
360į Support

Based on several years of experience working together with some of the leading food and retail companies ELB has developed a suite of solutions that efficiently support companies handling their business processes with IT based systems.

From the procurement to administration and sales, regardless if itís in a B2B or B2b market, we offer proven tools, which can be used individually as well as a perfect fitting toolbox, always perfectly customized to your needs.
Thatís what we call a 360į support for our customers.

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